Substation fitting

The company's main Substation fitting, many types. Used in power plants of many companies,Substation fitting types are:
(1)Indoor supports for bar(vertical setting)
(2)Outdoor supports for bar (vertical setting)
(3)Indoor supports for bar(Horizontal setting)
(4)Outdoor supports for bar(Horizontal setting)
(5)Supports for Channel bar
(6)Spacers for Channel bar
(7)Hanging supports for Channel bar
(8)Tubular bus-bar Fittings
(9)Spacers for rectangular bar

Substation fitting
Substation fitting
Substation fitting
Substation fitting
Substation fitting
Substation fitting
Substation fitting


Packed in wooden box:defferent package styles are available.

Delivery time:7-15days

Our Service

1.Samples are available and it will be sent for customer if you need.And then we will make mass production in accordance with customers’ standard.

2.For mass production,every worker on their own production line will finish their task efficient and on time so that we can assure the lead time.

3.Before packing,our quality control personnel will inspect the product.And inspection report will be checked by responsible sales.

4.Different types of products and packing methods can be customized to meet customers’ various demands.

Function: Bus-bar supports are used to fix or hang bus-bars on insulators at the substation fitting.

Types:Rectangular channel,tube bus and cable supports in accordance with bus type.

Use place: power station

The years of use: lifelong use

Color: Silvery and others

Material: copper,aluminium,and others

Products publish: Comparing with other substation fitting factories, We supply to China power station since 1987

If you have special requirements, please contact us


Product advantages

We are a professional manufactuer of wiring equipments,every products was made by the most advanced technology to reach the best quality.To meet the needs of customers, our company has established the adaptive fittings manufacturing forging workshop, machining workshop, high and low pressure casting workshop, insulator workshop, mold workshop, assembly packaging workshop, and have their own professional galvanizing workshop. The company implements 5S production site management neat and clean, bright ventilation, moderate temperature. The company is equipped with CNC machine tools, CNC lathe, friction press, radial drilling machine, Angle steel joint production line, shearing machine, injection machine, high and low pressure casting machine, etc. Suitable for all kinds of advanced production and processing equipment. The company has a number of professional mechanical, physical and chemical laboratories, complete testing equipment, and introduced high frequency pressure testing machine, universal tension testing machine, spectral analyzer and other advanced testing equipment.Our design can meet the needs of our customers,and we can customize products for customers in accordance with their needs.

Product sales

We provide the most comprehensive after-sales service.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, the products shall be produced and inspected in strict accordance with the national standards, and the ex-factory qualification rate shall be 100%. The company passed iso9001:2000 international quality management system certification in June 2001.

We have spot good and we can assure you that 7-15 days after you place an order,we will delivery the products as soon as possible.

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